Alan Llereza, better known as DJ A BomB, started his journey on the one’s and two’s in 1983.  During the early years, he was influenced by many DJs and honed his skill by watching, listening and analyzing many different styles.  In 2002, he created his first Top 40 hip-hop mix CD called “Blazin’ Hot”. This CD was successful and paved the way for his DJ career by landing a job at the HIP HOUSE record store.  Being directly in the music community, many weekly opportunities manifested to DJ at dance clubs and bars around the Chicagoland area. In 2004, DJ A Bomb became a resident DJ at Funk Groove Bar and was known for reading a crowd and keeping the dance floor packed by playing a wide a variety of high-energy and Top 40 tunes.  With his knack for ambiguity in an ever-changing world, DJ A BomB manages to stay contemporary with music and the technology of sound and lighting. Currently, he has contracts for weddings, college and corporate events.


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